Clothing Care Tips to Save your Closet

Clothing is made to be worn, but that doesn’t mean taking care of our clothes should ever be a hassle. Whether you’re a fashionista looking for a way to extend your wardrobe or a casual dresser who wants to make sure you look your best, the key to great-looking clothing is regular care and cleaning.

First up, wash all new clothes before wearing them for the first time. This includes not just clothes meant for this season, but older items as well. Even if only one item has picked up some lint or discoloration during shipping, washing it in hot water will kill any potential molds or germs so they don’t spread throughout your whole wardrobe.

Feeling Overwhelmed With Dry Cleaning?

Keep in mind that you can have your clothes dry cleaned as infrequently as every four to six wearing. Just make sure the cleaner you choose uses organic cleaning products, not chemicals like perchloroethylene or formaldehyde. Ask what they use and if it’s harmful.

Make a point of checking any tags on new clothing for care instructions before washing or wearing. If you don’t see this information printed clearly on the tag, check online and find out what sort of material made up each garment so you know how to clean them most effectively.

If you want to keep colored pieces bright and vibrant, hand wash instead of putting them through a machine cycle, using a mild laundry detergent . This will keep colors from bleeding into one another and give them that ‘just-bought’ hue longer.

After you’ve laundered the clothes, you might want to take a look at what ironing needs to be done before hanging your items back up in the closet. It’s not necessary to press every item, especially if they’re made from a wrinkle-resistant fabric or are designed with a loose fit. However, it never hurts to fold and press any wide collars or pleated fabrics so they maintain their shape during storage. With these simple tips for caring for clothing, you’ll keep your wardrobe looking great without breaking the bank on professional dry cleaning!


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