Pinup Studio – The Best Hair Stylist in Raleigh NC

Whether you’re getting ready for a formal evening out or a casual date night, Pinup Studio is a perfect place for a hair styling appointment. Their studio and staff are welcoming and judgment free. Their stylists specialize in various services and are committed to improving their skills. If you have any questions about their services, feel free to contact them online.

Pinup Studio - The Best Hair Stylist in Raleigh NC

Pinup Studio

Pinup Studio is a judgment-free environment where women of all backgrounds are welcome. The studio offers a variety of services to achieve any look. Its artists are committed to continually improving their craft. To schedule a service, customers can use the online request form. Customers can choose from the salon’s wide range of services and book their appointment online.

Pinup Studio offers hair services for all types of hair. They work on all hair textures and can create any style that suits you. They also offer affordable prices that will suit your budget. Their highly qualified stylists are experienced and know what they’re doing, so you can rest assured your hair will be in good hands.

Christina Kirkey, the owner of Pinup Studio, started the salon in 2015. Her goal was to create a place where women were valued, appreciated, and empowered. She believes that weddings are a team effort, and it is important to listen to her team’s suggestions while trusting your own vision.

Pinup Studio is located in Raleigh, NC and offers personalized attention to each customer. They specialize in wedding hairstyles, but they also offer bridal hair packages and a huge selection of wigs. The studio has a Facebook page, Instagram, and is also on Facebook.

Christina Kirkey Taylor is a Raleigh native. She grew up with a love of makeup, hair, and school. She graduated from high school one year early and entered school to study cosmetology. Her passion for beauty was nurtured by her dad, who was a huge supporter of her education.

Symmetry Bridal Group

Pinup Studio is a judgment-free salon that welcomes every woman, no matter what her size, shape, or ethnicity. They offer many services to help clients achieve their desired look. They take pride in their work and are dedicated to continuing education. Guests can book their services online.

The salon is located in High Point, North Carolina, just twenty-five minutes from Greensboro. The artists at Symmetry Bridal Group work hard to create the look that will make you feel beautiful. The pinup bridal team is composed of skilled artists who attend education classes and attend wedding shows to perfect their skills. Whether you need a bespoke look or a simple, elegant look, these artists will make you feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day.

Pinup Studio also offers bridal makeover services. From a simple up-do to a full face of make-up, Pinup Studio can provide you with a look that screams sophistication and refinement. They can make your big day truly unforgettable.


The Pinup Studio welcomes all women and is a judgment-free zone. They offer a variety of services to create your desired look. Stylists at Pinup Studio are dedicated to continually learning and improving their craft. You can request an appointment online. They are also available by phone or in person.

Taylor started her career as a hair stylist after finishing high school. She didn’t like working for other people and soon realized she wanted to own her own salon. She grew up loving beauty, fashion, and school. After graduating from high school, she went on to attend school at Paul Mitchell. While there, she discovered her passion for cosmetology. Her father was one of her biggest supporters.

The Pinup Hair Salon Raleigh NC specializes in vintage styling and has highly talented stylists. The hairdressers here take great pride in their work and always leave their customers looking photoshoot ready. The atmosphere is classy and beautiful, and customers rave about the extra care they receive.

Pinup Studio’s team of 13 stylists

Christina Kirkey Taylor is a Raleigh native who grew up in the beauty industry. Her passion for makeup, hair, and school led her to pursue a career in cosmetology. Upon graduating from high school early, Taylor went on to study at Paul Mitchell. During her time at Paul Mitchell, she developed a deep love for the art form. As a parent, her dad was her biggest supporter.

Values of going to a salon

When it comes to finding a good hair stylist in Raleigh, you’ll want to go to a salon with a reputation for quality. While you may be able to find a good one online, going to a salon can provide more personalized service. The professionals at a salon are trained to meet the needs of their clients, and they also have a wide variety of services. The professionals at a salon will be able to provide you with a high-quality haircut and color that suits your needs and style.

In addition to quality services, a salon can provide clients with an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. The atmosphere at a salon can also be a great place to meet new people. While you are waiting for your hair stylist, you can sit in the salon and ask questions. Salon staff is also able to offer tips and tricks to keep your look looking perfect.

The Pinup Studio is a woman-owned salon in Raleigh, NC that offers both wedding and bridal hair services. The owner Christina Kirkey created this studio with the goal of creating a place where every woman felt empowered, welcomed and appreciated. In addition to choosing a hairstylist who understands your needs, choosing a salon that listens to your vision is an important decision.

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